Laser Teeth Whitening Aftercare Tips

Human teeth start out white and shiny but may become discoloured over time due to various reasons including foods/drinks, poor dental hygiene, dental materials, disease, trauma, advancing age and genetics.

Whatever you cause of teeth discolouration, you will find laser teeth whitening to be an excellent option for restoring them to their true condition.

This professional procedure removes unrelenting stains, brightening your teeth and leaving you with less embarrassment and more confidence in your smile.

You will no longer need to smile with a closed mouth or cover your teeth while talking or laughing. It is completely safe, efficient and cost-effective.

Nevertheless, for it to be even more effective, you need to observe proper aftercare.

Avoid Stain-Producing Foods/Drinks until the Dust Settles

After you complete your laser teeth whitening process with your specialist, you need to start taking great care of them right away to ensure the freshly acquired shiner shade will last for a long time.

Even though the whitening results are not eternal, you can do various things to prolong them. Immediately after your procedure, do not eat or drink anything except water for the next 30 minutes.

The first couple of days after the procedure are the most crucial.

To make certain your teeth do not experience discolouration after teeth whitening, it is vital to eat white foods only for the next 12 hours following the treatment.

This is because after of the laser whitening process, your teeth’s pores take about 12 hours to close, and any stain from coloured food will sink into them and cause discolouration.

Top experts recommend waiting at least 48 hours before eating or drinking anything that might cause discolouration. Any food/drink that might stain a white T-shirt will definitely stain your teeth.

What about Coffee?

Americans love their coffee, and very few can do without it every morning. Hence, it is understandable to have concerns when it comes to anything that might rob you of your morning fix.

There is a notion going around that you have to drink coffee with a straw after laser teeth whitening to avoid permanent discolouration of your teeth. That is not entirely true.

The truth is coffee along with tea, tobacco, red wine, blueberries and so on will stain your teeth regardless, but it is never permanent.

That is why teeth whitening experts will make whitening trays for touch up. After the whitening procedure, your teeth are dehydrated significantly and are highly sensitive to stains.

Experts recommend you stay away from the above substances for at least a week to allow time for your teeth to rehydrate.

General teeth whitening maintenance

Typically, during in-office whitening, the teeth whitening expert might advise you to pick out a set of custom whitening trays, which you can use to maintain fresh, pearly white teeth at home.

You may also want to pick up an extra whitening gel when you go for the procedure since it is the perfect time to brighten up your smile – after the expert has removed all your stains.

You can also consider using whitening toothpaste to prolong your teeth’s new condition for as long as you can.

Below are some general maintenance routines you can perform:

Watch what you eat – What you eat and drink constitutes 90 per cent of the stains you see on your teeth. These include all foods/drinks that might stain a white t-shirt. You do not have to avoid them entirely but you do have to watch how often you eat them. Also, ensure you rinse your mouth quickly after you consume them.

Observe good oral hygiene – Maintaining a good oral hygiene is essential to white, healthy and cavity-free teeth. Brush at least two times each day, ensuring you are brushing even the tongue. Try to floss every other night, and use good toothpaste.

Go for regular checkups – Your teeth whitening procedure does not stop at just one session. It is highly recommended that you go for regular checkups at the teeth whitening centre to make certain your teeth are in great shape. The specialist will conduct deep, professional cleaning twice a year to aid you to maintain healthy gums and white teeth.

Quit smoking – To maintain the freshly obtained pearly whites that you have spent time, money and effort on, you need to consider dropping bad habits that affect your teeth’s health such as smoking. It is tough trying to quit right away so try switching to e-cigarettes in the meantime.


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