Mobile Teeth whitening in Buckinghamshire

Sometimes the signalling of an important event carries with it some dread that can be debilitating especially when one is ill prepared. The upcoming of a wedding event, a date, graduation means that one will be all smiles for the cameras. However, this simply means that your teeth will be out on display. A pretty eerie feeling especially if they are discoloured. The good news is that with laser whitening, everything seems to go be made much much easier.

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Actual treatment

The actual teeth whitening process in Buckinghamshire process is quite easier and takes about one to two hour. Gel whitening is applied or coated all over your teeth. This is done right after a protective shield is out over your gums to ensure that it is protected against the bleaching chemical. A light is shone over your teeth for about an hour to speed up the bleaching process and you are done.

Benefits of using laser whitening over other teeth bleaching method

• Professional assistance- this is something that you don’t have when you use over the counter method of bleaching. In laser whitening, you get to have skilled and experienced practitioners working on your teeth. Chipping or removing of the enamel does not occur.

• Quality products- you get to have approved quality products used on your teeth. Over the counter products rarely pass through inspection thus exposing one to enormous amounts of risks associated with high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide that could damage your teeth. On the other hand, the bleaching agent has the right bleaching ingredients that make it tough on discolouring but gentle ion gums.

• Shorter time- it takes a shorter period of time to bleach than another method. Other methods take two to four weeks to get results. Here one is assured of instant results in a period of one hour. You get to reap the results three years down the line, a good investment for teeth.

Disadvantages of the laser whitening process

There is nothing that doesn’t have its specific drawbacks. However, in teeth laser whitening method the first and obvious one is the expense compared to other means of whitening teeth the expense seems a little hideous. Another drawback is that it is uncomfortable staying with mouth open for a whole hour under bright light. Some people have also experienced some side effects including sore throats, gum irritation and pain and bacterial infections. However, this usually goes away within a few days.

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