Laser Teeth Whitening Before And After

Laser Teeth Whitening Before And After

Teeth whitening treatment is very safe and even a very effective procedure for lightening and brightens your teeth and that too about 14 shades. This treatment provides you with a younger-looking, beautiful and a natural smile. If we talk about laser treatment, then it does not make use of hydrogen peroxide during the process. Thus, it is completely secure and it will not damage your gums or teeth and will produce the best possible results.

Cost for whitening

The Laser Teeth Whitening in the West Midlands is done by using very smooth teeth whitening gel and helps in achieving the best whitening results. You will be happy to know that this treatment is done at a very low cost. Laser teeth whitening with zero peroxides is safer and is better than any other whitening treatments.

By increasing the oxidation process, laser teeth whitening is done. This is a catalytic chemical reaction, in which the gel whitening process is accelerated, in which the oxygen is released rapidly to oxidise the stains on the teeth.

If the dentist uses the most effective and the gentlest gel, in combination with laser light, then the hardest and deepest stains are also removed. With the laser teeth whitening, even the old crowns and the veneers get their old whiteness back with this treatment.

The dentist makes use of high-quality lasers. The lasers are the most advanced equipment as compared to other equipment of dental surgeries. The dentist needs a license and complete training to perform laser teeth whitening in the West Midlands.

A mobile aspirator is used to provide comfort and hygiene to the patient. This also provides better teeth whitening and that too at a fraction of the cost of dentist’s teeth whitening.

For non-invasive, safe, pain-free and easy teeth whitening treatment you can check out some good dentists in the West Midlands. You can even ask for teeth whitening service at your home, for your convenience.

Teeth whitening Process:

Step 1: Insertion of the comfort cheek retractor and placing of eye goggles.
Step 2: Determination of the current tooth shade to check the number of cycles required for the right amount of whitening.
Step 3: Polishing of teeth and gel is applied to the surface of the teeth.
Step 4: Positioning of laser power whitening lamp to teeth and 12 minutes treatment cycle begins
Step 5: the cycle is repeated for about 4 x 12 minutes and after the treatment, you will notice your new white and bright teeth.

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